Becoming a Vlogger in 2018

I’ve been thinking of ways to exercise my filmmaking obsession on a more regular schedule. Having stumbled upon the YouTube accounts of Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat, I’m totally inspired to join the vlogging revolution - albeit a bit late to the game. The stumbling block for me is ... as an introvert, I’m totally uncomfortable being in front of the camera and much happier behind it. To step out of my comfort zone will be a big undertaking.

I've decided to make 2018 a new chapter in my filmmaking pursuit. I’m confronting my fear. Here it is, my first vlog ever to kick-off 2018. It’s a bit, actually a lot, lame … but hopefully I will get better at it. If you’d like to follow along with me on this new quest, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. After all, I created it to share with you, my dear readers/viewers.

Peter & Casey, if you somehow are reading this (so doubtful that you are), thank you both for inspiring me every day with your films/work.