Last Stop Wonderland: Tokyo

If you've been following the Sarahdippity Vlog, you've seen the Japan 2017 vlog series, right? I think this is the last of it! But I could be wrong. :)

After a week of exploring all the cool places near within a few hours train ride from Tokyo and Kyoto, we're back in Tokyo for 2 nights. We made sure to hit all the remaining must-see places on our list, and on top of that list is Shibuya Crossing. Oh and we also made sure to eat as much ramen as we could before heading back to the States.

One of my favorite past times in Tokyo though is to people watch! That Tokyo street fashion style ... a radical blend of old, new and borderline futuristic. Hope you'll enjoy this vlog

The Most Beautiful Sunset I've Ever Seen

I've been to Santorini, Greece, world-famous for its sunsets. But ... as beautiful as the Santorini sunsets are ... the one sunset I experienced at Miyajima literally took my breath away. Here's Vlog Ep. 19, our day on Miyajima. If you stay with the movie until the end ... you'll see the sunset that stopped me from breathing ... for a moment. But then again ... it's on the thumbnail so if you're in a hurry and can't watch the entire movie ... the thumbnail will do. Right?

The Osaka Vlog

After exploring the Bamboo Grove, we hopped on the train ... again ... to visit Osaka the next day. Here's Vlog Ep. 17. By the way, the food is so good everywhere we go in Japan. However, in Osaka, we had the best ramen ever! It was also the "fattiest" ramen ... perhaps that's why it was so good.

To the Bamboo Grove We Go

The day after we arrived in Kyoto, we set out for one of our most highly-anticipated destinations, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. We all loved exploring the bamboo forest so much and took hundreds of photos of that magical place. But honestly, no photos can properly capture how I felt being there. Hope you'll get to visit it in person one day ... you'll see what I mean. Until then, here's Vlog Ep. 16 to introduce you to one of Japan's most famous places.

From Tokyo to Kyoto

I'm getting around to editing some of the footage filmed during the Japan trip last year. After 3 days in Tokyo, we hopped on the train for Kyoto. Here's Vlog Ep. 15, our travel day from Tokyo to Kyoto. I love riding the train in Japan!

The Tokyo Vlog

Finally, I had a chance to visit Japan last year. It was the brilliant idea of my cousin Rene who lives in Montreal. With Rene and two other friends, we spent about a week exploring Tokyo, Kyoto and some of the surrounding towns.

Japan is hands down one of the coolest countries in the world. This is my first vlog from the trip. We landed in Tokyo and were staying at an AirBnB in Asakusa. Our timing can’t be better! If you watch the vlog, you’ll see why.

Vlogging With the Canon G 7X Mark II

Up to now, I’ve been vlogging mostly with my iPhone. I have other cameras, but somehow the small size of the iPhone makes it the most convenient camera to use for vlogging. Today, I bought myself a present! A new camera dedicated to vlogging because it’s about the size of my iPhone and has so many cool features, many of which are perfect to vlog with. Vlog Ep. 5 was shot with the G7XMII. I’m loving it!

Becoming a Vlogger in 2018

I’ve been thinking of ways to exercise my filmmaking obsession on a more regular schedule. Having stumbled upon the YouTube accounts of Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat, I’m totally inspired to join the vlogging revolution - albeit a bit late to the game. The stumbling block for me is ... as an introvert, I’m totally uncomfortable being in front of the camera and much happier behind it. To step out of my comfort zone will be a big undertaking.

I've decided to make 2018 a new chapter in my filmmaking pursuit. I’m confronting my fear. Here it is, my first vlog ever to kick-off 2018. It’s a bit, actually a lot, lame … but hopefully I will get better at it. If you’d like to follow along with me on this new quest, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. After all, I created it to share with you, my dear readers/viewers.

Peter & Casey, if you somehow are reading this (so doubtful that you are), thank you both for inspiring me every day with your films/work.